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Beauty is a blend of the rational and irrational: When you went to put the shoes on, you were having a hard time so I got down on my knees to try to help you. V What is the best accessory for the Cavalli woman? V How should a woman feel in your clothing? I like the trench coat, but put it over a beaded gown. Taking care of your appearance is a form of respect for others and a message that you send out to the world.

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I think the minute people move to New York, they become New York. It was such a magical moment for me because it set the tone for the sort of achievements I was determined to accomplish. BH That night at Versailles, we introduced the talent of girls of color to the French designers. Photographer Brian Bowen Smith traveled around the world multiple times for photo shoots for the shirts, a tribute to late NYU physician Dr. There are so many interesting people.

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