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Growling with frustration, he rolled over to grab his wand off the bedside table, hissing when his aching cock pressed against the mattress, sending sparks of pleasure through his belly. Ron wanted everyone to hear her call his name, over and over, as if she was paying tribute to him, her voice raw with the effort, so that no one would question that she belonged to him and him alone. And I saw the way you look at her all the time… Sooner or later the others will notice it, too. He gave Harry's bum a squeeze, drawing another groan from him. How they'd gone from talking to this he couldn't remember but he liked it. It was Saturday, so it didn't really matter much.

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Ron glanced over at her with a smile.

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35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy

Ron kissed her again, holding in a close embrace. While I'm sure J. It would be hot for the world to see how glorious she was mid-fuck, to see that primal look on her face, to hear the sweet noises that came out of her mouth, and sometimes, the filth. After all, what would a quick wank hurt? It was an ideal morning in Hyde Park, one of her favorite places to take a stroll. Sexy legs with a short skirt. Their relationship had no risk of becoming boring at the rate his mind was moving.

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harry potter erotic fiction ron
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harry potter erotic fiction ron
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