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This guy has a very athletic guy. Some of you might hate me for this, but just remember that I am not the photographer here! This post is the third one where we have caught randomly on the net pictures of men we like. Their style is pretty interesting, and although not all their work is as great — only in my opinion though! JR West is an Atlanta based American photographer. His origins are Polish from is father and Portuguese and German from his mother.

Sure they are handsome but we have something more in their look and attitude which them even more attractive.

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Gay Body Blog Widget Get your widget here! After a couple of posts on the blog, the hot action just keeps cumming. If I had it my way, there would be a whole lot more of this guy on show than there is in these images, but, having said that, the shots created by photographers Frank Rubio and Scott Teitler of delicious male model A couple of my friends know how much I adore Rick Day and his style, so when they see a shoot out there they often get some of the pics together for me to enjoy. Not long ago, a model who …. Read more Levi Poulter back at ParagonMen. The model is the Brazilian Murillo Tonha.

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