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If you have an abnormality that your doctor cannot diagnose with certainty at the time of the exam, you will need further testing. Rectal Examination In this article Description Anatomical considerations Indications for rectal examination Preparing for the examination Details of the procedure Examination findings Rectal examination in children Rectal examination in the elderly. Protect yourself Free vaccination Online appointment for Hepatitis B vaccination. Health Tools Feeling unwell? Ask your doctor to use this picture to show you where the cancer is. People with hemorrhoids or anal fissures may experience a small amount of bleeding. When deemed essential, it may be appropriate to use the fifth rather than index finger.

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This mucous membrane is very fragile and can be easily damaged, which means blood can enter your intestines.

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Rectal Examination

Does It Work for Weight Loss? Start your Testlab request Package of tests and procedure Questions about Testlab Test results and privacy. The findings are described by convention according to the clock face in the lithotomy position. Anus and sphincters The anus is the last part of the rectum. In medical school, we spent about two months learning the heart exam, maybe one month on the lungs. Every week a slightly larger lubricated dilator is passed to stretch the anus until it reaches normal size. The Fast Metabolism Diet is a nutrition program that promises to help you shed up to 20 pounds 9 kg in 28 days.

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exam her anus
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exam her anus
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